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We offer expert Environmental Site Assessment, Underground Storage Tank Management, Contaminant Exploration & Remediation, Subsurface Exploration and Landfill Development & Monitoring services. Our clients include builders, developers, architects, engineers, municipalities, government agencies, banks and attorneys, along with owners and operators of commercial, industrial and landfill facilities.

TSC is uniquely qualified to identify environmental liabilities and explain their implications and then propose and implement sensible, cost-effective corrective measures. And by carefully assessing your project needs and objectives before the work begins, we're able to provide you with only the specific services you require... saving you considerable time and expense.
Environmental Services
TSC Environmental Site Assessments are phased real estate property studies that seek to identify existing or potential environmental impairments.
• Phase 1 - Research. Includes review of historical documents; federal, state and local environmental
   records; interview; and site reconnaissance.
• Phase 2 - Field Sampling and Analytical Testing. Commonly includes soil borings, test pits or
   monitoring wells.
• Asbestos Building Surveys
• Environmental Soil Sampling and Analytical Analysis for IEPA for LPC 663 and LPC 662

Soil testing in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and IndianaConstruction Materials Testing in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and WisconsinGeotechnical Sub-Surface Studies in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa Testing Services Company Carol Stream, IllinoisTesting Services Company Carol Stream, Illinois
Underground Storage Tank Management
The following TSC services are provided during assessment, closure and remediation of underground storage tank sites:
  • Subsurface Exploration
  • Site Assessment
  • Closure Monitoring
  • Regulatory Agency Reporting
  • Site Classification
  • Corrective Action Plans and Oversight
  • "Turnkey" Tank Removal and Remediation
  • LUST Fund Reimbursement Applications

Contaminant Exploration and Remediation
Encompasses start-to-finish exploration and remediation services. Leading-edge field instrumentation and sampling equipment aid contaminant detection.
  • Soil & Groundwater Contamination Services
  • Analytical Sampling and Data Interpretation
  • Regulatory Agency Liason Activities
  • Voluntary Cleanup Assistance
  • Field Supervisory Services
  • Technical Consultation
  • Technical Reports

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For reliable environmental services, call today. Talk to us about your needs, or request a detailed proposal. See for yourself why the name Testing Service Corporation has become synonymous with environmental service excellence at a reasonable cost.

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